Who are we Thematic units and boards

The thematic units around which MEDEF's work is structured.


The Executive Board, on a proposal by Pierre Gattaz, President of the MEDEF, has appointed the working bodies of the MEDEF. The working bodies of the MEDEF are organised into nine divisions, each covering a broad theme relating directly to businesses.

Sectors/Mandates/Territories Division

The division’s day-to-day works is to get to know better, support, assist and promote the MEDEF’s members.

Territories Commission

The Territories Commission ensures the coherency of the MEDEF’s territorial and regional messages and action.

Regions Committee

Management and coordination of the network of the regional MEDEFs.

Metropolises Committee

Management and coordination by the territorial MEDEFs of the 10 largest urban areas of France.

Professional Federations Committee

Management and coordination of the network of professional federations not represented on the EB.

Overseas Committee

Management and coordination of the network of overseas MEDEFs.

Sustainable Development Division

The division is responsible for defining the strategy of the MEDEF on the issues of sustainable development: the environment, climate change, energy and corporate social responsibility.

Energy, Competitiveness, and Climate Commission

Putting the issue of competitiveness at the heart of the policies regarding the energy mix and security of supply, energy efficiency and the fight against climate change.

Environment Commission

Integrate competitiveness into environmental policies.

CSR Commission

Promote CSR as a performance lever and the creation of value for businesses.

Corporate Law Division

This division aims to create the legislative and regulatory environment that is most conducive to the competitiveness of French businesses.

Economic Public Law Commission

Simplifying the legislative and regulatory environment.

Business Law Commission

Strengthening legal certainty and stability of the legislative and regulatory framework.

The MEDEF’s Economics Division supports the competitiveness of businesses to ensure a return to growth and job creation.

Digital Transformation Commission

The commission has the dual objective of the construction of a high-performing digital ecosystem, favourable for business and raising awareness among all the actors of the economy to the leverage that digital technology provides a powerful competitiveness vehicle.

Consumer Commission

The purpose of the commission is to ensure that businesses have a favourable legislative and regulatory environment and to inform its members of the legal issues related to consumption.

Economic Dialogue Commission

Economic dialogue aims to enrich the social dialogue by building a consensus around structural economic issues.

Taxation Commission

The Taxation Commission works to make the French tax system more competitive and more attractive to foster business development.

Economy and Finance Commission

Developing the positions and proposals of the MEDEF with regard to macro-economic policies.

Competitiveness-Innovation-Attractiveness Commission

Leveraging non-price competitiveness to help businesses improve their offering.

Defence Liaison Committee

Promoting or permitting synergy between the armed forces and businesses at the HR and economic levels.

Health Businesses General Committee

Gathering together and presenting the economic actors of the health sector.

Sport Committee

Making sport a growth lever for France.

General Security Committee

Enhancing security services and industries by bringing together all the actors.

Entrepreneurship and Growth Division

The purpose of the division is to support and promote business creation, the spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial impact; to make labour and managerial innovation an issue of competitiveness and a growth factor; to support and assist the growth of VSEs/SMEs.

Entrepreneurial Dynamics Commission

Energising the French entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Microbusiness-SME Growth Commission

Offering the departments of the MEDEF a vision of the issues of concern to VSE-SME leaders.

Labour and Managerial Innovation Commission

Making labour and managerial innovation a lever of sustainable perform for businesses.

International/Europe Division

The Division is responsible for defending, at the European and international levels, the interests of French businesses on all the subjects covered by the MEDEF; for contributing to their positive image and their visibility; for being proactive and influencing European and international negotiations affecting businesses, in particular those related to international trade.

International Commission

Contributing to the development of French business internationally, whether through exports or investments.

Europe Commission

Establishing and expressing the MEDEF’s European positions on all general issues: the Euro, Brexit, governance, enlargement, etc.

Internationalisation Division

The Internationalisation Division fulfils the following missions:

  • Defining a strategic vision for the internationalisation of French businesses.
  • Determining the priority focus areas for thinking and action.
  • Coordinating the activity of the various commissions.

Internationalisation and Export Commission

Modernising all the tools available to businesses as part of their internationalisation.

Sectors and Markets Commission

Working on the organisation of the current ecosystems or those being formed so that they can increase the internationalisation of businesses.

The main missions of the Social Division are as follows:

  • Inventing, promoting and implementing social protection that meets the challenges of the 21st century
  • Modernising labour relations, social dialogue and co-determination
  • Modernising and simplifying the law to establish clearer, more understandable standards

Social Protection Commission

Making social protection a factor of competitiveness.

Labour and Employment Relations Commission – CRTE

A place of exchange between permanent staff of the MEDEF, member federations, the labour market and Territorial and Regional MEDEFs on labour relations and employment issues.

International Labour Commission

Defining the policy directions supported by the MEDEF in the European and international organisations in which it is represented.

Education Training and Integration Commission

Providing information and discussing issues relating to vocational training and education.

Housing Commission

Taking part in the general debate on the effectiveness and directions to be given to housing policies.

Integration and Business Committee

Monitoring measures and reforms in favour of job integration.

The division works on a general approach so as to make the public sphere more efficient, to simplify the life of economic actors and to bring the different worlds closer (businesses, elected representatives, associations, education, administrative authorities).

Efficiency of the Public Sphere Commission

Raising awareness with an economic approach to the reforms of the public sphere.

Simplification Commission

Materialising and speeding up the impact of simplification measures.

Worlds Convergence Commission

Carrying out structured action with regard to the public actors and civil society aimed at improving relations with the economic world.

France Steering Committee 2020

This general committee brings together a panel of experts aimed at contributing to the ideas sustaining the MEDEF’s vision.

The Mid-Cap Commission offers the MEDEF’s departments a vision of how Mid-Cap business leaders view their subjects and provides support with their communications/information to this audience.

Objectives: structure the MEDEF’s thinking and proposals about the new forms of activities related to digital technology.

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