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Medef Université
d'été 2017

j1 Tuesday 29 August , afternoon - Be global

The world is changing, everything's shifting and transforming at an ever faster pace: wars, international terrorism, European doubts, the rise of populism, protectionist temptations, digitalisation, radical climate change, and so on. In a world full of disruption, we will clearly have to rethink our models and invent new economic principles. When wherever we look, the unpredictable becomes the norm, and expected victories turn into routs, how can we stay confident? How can we counter the negative effects of globalisation and stop people being left behind? It's up to companies, but also governments and the authorities, to transform uncertainty into a competitive advantage, to educate and put in place the necessary safeguards to make globalisation acceptable to all and ensure that it benefits everyone. Globalisation is not dead! The world still needs goods and the future is open to invention.

j2 Wednesday 30 August, morning - Be smart!

The Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, self-driving vehicles, neurosciences, genomics, nanomaterials, renewable energies and telemedicine – if we believe the futurologists, "Homo sapiens sapiens will make more technical progress in the 21st century than during our first 100,000 years on the planet." To deal with these huge transformations, free up enterprising creativity and ensure France has a leadership role in the industries of the future, a radical change in method is necessary. We will have to reinvent the city, reinvent the school, reinvent the company, reinvent work, and enable the personal development of every individual.

j3 Wednesday 30 August, afternoon - All entrepreneurs!

Almost one in four French people would like to set up or restart their own company. More and more of us are therefore expressing a desire for enterprising creativity. But the gap between those who dream of becoming entrepreneurs and those who actually make it is still too wide. Confiscatory tax rates, burdensome social charges, rigid labour laws or simply fear of failure... many dare not take the plunge. Setting up a company is not a job but primarily a state of mind. So, how can we maximise liberation of this spirit of enterprise everywhere in France? How can we empower young people, but also women and seniors to successfully set out on the entrepreneurial path? How can we help everyone to become everyday entrepreneurs in their own lives?

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