MEDEF Actu-Eco - 17th to 21st July


    MEDEF business intelligence service.

    This week summary:


    1. Businesses creations in June 2017: acceleration over one month (+ 2,9%), year-to-year recession for the second quarter (-1,6%)
    2. Consumer price in June 2017: stability over one month, +0,7% over one year (+0,4% for underlying inflation)
    3. Housing construction in May 2017: 397 900 cumulative constructions started during the last 12 months (+14% year-to-year)
    4. Civil engineering in May 2017: still low activity, better-oriented orders taking, uncertainty on long-term perspectives.
    5. IMF 2017 France consultation mission: growth forecast increased, strong need to quickly implement all the reforms announced .


    1. European demography in 2016: 512 million of inhabitants (+0,3% from migratory contribution); decrease in 10 countries.


    1. Late markets tendency: easing of French and German sovereign rates, rise of euro currency, oil and gold.

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    # Next number of MEDEF Actu Eco will be published during the week of 4th September 2017.

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