The World is changing, let's give France a boost!

    France has considerable potential to put its economic situation back on a sound footing. There is no excuse for it falling behind the best-performing countries in Europe, apart from a collective failing on our part to muster our resources and talents. Why not take inspiration from countries that have thoroughly overhauled their economic model and are now top of the class?

    To meet the challenges ahead, France has to transform its economic model by triggering the right drivers, such as structural reforms, European construction and investments for the future. Returning to buoyant, medium-term growth means catching up with Europe’s best-performing nations and will prepare France for future challenges. Inaction or passivity would, by contrast, incur risks for our economy. A scenario of weak growth and high unemployment, with all its drawbacks, cannot be
    ruled out.

    Public debate and pedagogy will be vital in this major collective undertaking. With this initial contribution, the Medef encourages all economic stakeholders to join the discussion by offering their insights and solutions.

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