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"Nigeria is a land of investments and development for French companies."

  • Source : MEDEF
  • Credits : MEDEF

This is the main message that Pierre Gattaz, president of MEDEF, first french business confederation,will leading during its first delegation of business leaders in Africa. It will be at the head of fifty companies, small, medium or large, interested in the many opportunities of the Nigerian market.

Patrick Lucas, president of MEDEF International Africa Committee will also be present during this 4 days trip. This 4th delegation organized by MEDEF International will stay in Abuja and Lagos.

This trip will be an opportunity for many exchanges and meetings with all the representatives of the Nigerian society.

Thus, Pierre Gattaz will meet Muhammadu Buhari, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Monday, October 5th. Meetings with business communities are also planned.

Largest economy and largest population on the continent, middle class is emerging in Nigeria which demand new infrastructures facilities and equipment, but also in services and leasures. French companies of building, transportation, environment, energy and sustainable cities will obviously be there.

Build strong relations

Medef delegation wishes through this to build strong relations with this great country by promoting deals emphasis staff training and local contents.

For Pierre Gattaz, president of MEDEF, "Africa is our new frontier. We are friends and have much to gain by building strong, confidente and sustainable business relationships. Although France has much to contribute to Africa, but Africa has so much to bring to France! "

For Patrick Lucas, president of the African Committee of MEDEF International, " we are excited to lead that delegation in a large English-speaking African countries. Development opportunities for our businesses are significant and we hope that close bilateral links will be established during our trip to Nigeria."