France, future of Europe

« Can France breathe new life into Europe? A President elected to the sounds of Ode to Joy. A strong commitment to Europe and initiatives to lift Europe out of its gloom and doubts... Following the electric shock of Brexit, our partners in the Union now have their eyes on France. They're expecting France to add new impetus, alongside Germany but with others too. First and foremost, they expect France to begin its job of reform, so that it’s not lagging behind in terms of jobs, public spending and competitiveness.  Without a strong France, there cannot be a strong Europe. The challenge is to create the conditions for a better future for the next generation. “A united Europe represents great hope. It would be unforgivable to disappoint this hope,” wrote Robert Schuman in 1957.

  • How can we restore French people’s confidence in Europe?
  • How do our partners view France? Is France an exception?
  • Posted workers, dumping, China, the euro... what does Europe protect?
  • How best to conduct the Franco-German pairing
  • Will we be better off without the British?
  • Are we inevitably moving towards a Europe at different speeds?
  • Is a less technocratic Europe possible?
  • Social affairs, Defence, European Government - what should we start with?
  • Does Europe's future also depend on Africa? »


  • Dieter Kempf: President of the BDI
  • Jean-Pierre Letarte: CEO of EY France, Luxembourg and Maghreb
  • Liis Kasemets : Senior Advisor on Governance at the Government Office of Estonia
  • Juan Rosell : President of the CEOE
  • Vincenzo Boccia: President of the Confindustria
  • Nathalie Loiseau : Minister for the European Affairs