Jobs, jobs, jobs!

In 2017, as in previous years, employment continues to be the main priority of the French. Germany, Denmark, England – everywhere in Europe, unemployment is dropping but not in France, or only very marginally! Young people and seniors are finding it difficult to enter the jobs market or stay there. Despite promises and magic formulae, and despite successive emergency plans, we still haven't found the path that leads from mass unemployment to full employment. And growth alone won't be enough. To reach full employment, reform of our labour market is essential, but until now no one has dared do it. We also have to radically rethink all our models and have no qualms in adapting ourselves to changes in the salaried workforce and the emergence of new types of employment. There's no lack of original ideas, on condition that we agree to grab hold of them and drop our fears. But time is running out!

  • Where does full employment start?
  • Uber or not Uber?
  • No, flexisecurity isn't a dirty word!
  • How can we overcome the fear of hiring?
  • Is the minimum wage a barrier to employment?
  • But how can we create jobs when others practice social dumping?
  • How can we reconcile digitalization and job creation?
  • What remuneration for what job? How can we stop the phenomenon of the working poor? What about a universal basic income?
  • What solutions for the least qualified?
  • How do the other European countries do?


  • Rajesh Agrawal: Deputy Mayor of London
  • Laurence Balas : Administrator and Regional Ambassador AURA of the Foundation « Entreprendre »
  • Karien Van Gennip : CEO of ING France
  • Christophe Catoir: CEO, Adecco France