Panel discussions - Part 1

The emergence of a new world  - Plénière Malakoff-Médéric

China as the new champion of free trade; the upward trajectory of Africa; egocentric America; conquering Russia; the Middle East in flames, Asia on hold – the world is reforming, and the placement of players on the geopolitical stage is no longer certain. At the same time, Europe is heading for division after Brexit and nationalism is on the rise.

  • Is the world of yesterday definitively dead?
  • How can we decipher this new world?
  • How can we escape the impasse and reinvigorate the European project?
  • What are the new points of reference for citizens and for companies?


  • Antoine Sfeir: expert on the Arab world and Middle East, President of the ILERI
  • Nicole Bacharan: political scientist specialized in American Society et Franco-American relationship
  • Jean-Noël Tronc : CEO, SACEM
  • Rémy Rioux: CEO, AFD

Vox populi, vox Dei – Amphi Tocqueville

For Bourdieu it didn't exist, and yet everywhere in the world public opinion now appears to be taking power. The disconnect between it and the elites has never been as marked. Civil society is determined to express itself and be heard, and more or less everywhere it's taking revenge in the polls by contradicting political analyses and predictions. Should we see this as proof of democracy or as a threat? How can the current failure of experts be explained?

  • How far can we go in the name of the will of the people?
  • Have the pollsters lost for good?
  • What role for the media and social media?
  • Is the Enlightenment definitively over and has passion now trumped reason?
  • How can elites make peace with public opinion?
  • Could consulting the people become a new political weapon? 
  • What are the risks of manipulation?
  • What new methods of representative democracy should be implemented in both States and companies?


  • Joëlle Zask: Philosopher, specialist in theories of democracy and public opinion
  • Sandrine Treiner: Executive Director of France Culture
  • Michel Hervé: CEO and Founder of Groupe Hervé
  • Ghyslaine Pierrat : « Spin doctor » : economic and political doctor

What future for international trade? (3:40pm – 5pm) – amphi Harmonie Mutuelle

Germany blocking sales to Chinese investors, Donald Trump who wants to tax companies that relocate, and China, the champion of free trade, appears to be closing back down. Everywhere, including in France, we're seeing a return to protectionist temptations and growing demand for regulation. Today, debates on international trade are part of our daily lives and pose pressing questions. And yet, the percentage of international trade in global GDP has never been as high. At the same time, one in four French employees works for external markets.

  • Protectionism vs opening of borders
  • Is the golden age of free trade over?
  • Does the WTO still have a role to play?
  • Can we and should we buy French?
  • Can America live behind a wall?
  • Europe – rampart or open door?
  • In an interdependent world, does isolationism make sense?
  • How can French companies win?


  • Benoît Potier: CEO, Air Liquide
  • Pankaj R. Patel: President of FICCI
  • Dominique Seau: CEO of Eminence
  • Marie-Christine Coisne: CEO of Sonepar
  • Carmel Cahill: Deputy Director of Trade and Agriculture Directorate – OCDE
  • Fai Zhaohui: President, Paris Branch, The Export-Import Bank of China
  • Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne: Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs

Reflections on the economic state of the world. Risks and opportunities for France growth and employment- Hall d’honneur

Today economic models are at the end of their rope. They lead to increasing inequalities and a questioning, sometimes violent, of a globalization that governments have difficulties to regulate. Crisis are following one another; the planet is threatened. Facing this situation, what new answers could be provided for France and the world? Between states and individuals, what could be the role of businesses?

  • How to build a new economic model designed for sustainable growth?
  • How to improve the world of tomorrow?
  • Altruism vs egoism
  • How to think outside the liberalism box and develop a humanistic vision of economics?
  • How can businesses help to put human beings back into the hearth of economics?
  • How to better distribute wealth?
  • How to let anyone become his own life’s entrepreneur?
  • How to accelerate the positive revolution?
  • How to adapt France to this new situation? What are the priorities?


  •     Jacques Attali, President of the Positive Planet Foundation and A & A group
  •     Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, economist, President of the Economists Circle
  •     Agnès Verdier-Molinié, iFRAP Foundation Director