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Who are we A team dedicated to businesses

MEDEF management


At MEDEF, a team of more than 200 expert, dedicated men and women work day-to-day to serve companies, professional confederations and the local and regional MEDEF offices.

MEDEF is structured into operational clusters, under a Managing Director and the Deputy Director General:  Social/Economic Affairs/International and Europe/Marketing - public affairs and press, rounded out by a Members-Mandates-Partnerships Department :

Furthermore, the France 2020 Project, Defence Liaison Committee and Corporate Law Initiative are run under the supervision of the Managing Director.

General Secretariat responsibilities and the Support Functions are the responsibility of the Deputy Director General.


  • Director of the Chairman’s Cabinet: Bruno Rouault
  • Head of Chairman's Cabinet/Advisor to the President in charge of Globalisation Affairs: Gauthier Berna
  • Advisor to the Chairman/in charge of Company Financing for Employment and Development Project: Marie-Noëlle Duval-Debré
  • Deputy Director General in charge of Presidential Legislative Platform, Advisor to the Chairman: Dorothée Pineau



  • Managing Director: Michel Guilbaud
  • Deputy Director General: Joëlle Simon
  • Deputy Director General: Elisabeth Tomé-Gertheinrichs
  • General Secretary: Laurent Bourgoin
  • Advisor to the Managing Director: Béatrice de Courson


Members and Mandates, Finance, Resources

  • IT Manager: Philippe Pung
  • Finance Department: Claire Ferratier
  • Secretary of Statutory Inquiries: Laurence Amand
  • Members-Mandates-Partnerships Division : Olivier Marcalliou


International and Europe, Corporate Law, France 2020


Marketing, Public Affairs, Media/Press

  • Marketing, Events, Publications, Web Department: Béatrice Tonus
  • Public Affairs Department: Guillaume Leblanc
  • Media/Press Department: Arnaud Delaunay


Economic Affairs

  • Economy/Financing Department: Agnès Lépinay
  • Taxation Department: Marie-Pascale Antoni
  • Studies Department: Olivier Redoules
  • Research and Innovation Department: Patrick Schmitt
  • Entrepreneurship and Growth Department: Céline Micouin
  • Sustainable Development Department: Laurence Rouger de Grivel



  • Social Relations Department: Adrien Teurkia
  • Social Protection Department : Delphine Benda
  • Education and Training Department: Frédéric Wacheux


General Resources

  • Documentation: Valérie Colombain
  • General Resources Department: Véronique Sarrazin
  • Security and Safety Department: Philippe Salmon


MEDEF International

  • Chairman: Frédéric Sanchez
  • Managing Director: Philippe Gautier


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