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Who are we A team dedicated to businesses

MEDEF management


Within Medef, a team of more than 200 expert and committed employees works on a daily basis to serve the company, professional federations and regional and regional Medef.

Medef is organised into 15 committees under the authority of the Director General:


  • President: Patrick Martin
  • Chief Executive Officer: Garance Pineau
  • Cabinet Director: Vincent Le Roux
  • Deputy Chief of Staff: Alexandre Allemand
  • Deputy Chief of Staff in charge of European and International Affairs, Special Advisor: Dorothée Pineau
  • Chief of Staff: Philippine Dunan
  • Speech and Foresight Advisor: Augustin Savarit
  • Secretariat of the President: Sandrine Griselin

Executive Committee

  • Managing Director: Garance Pineau
  • Chief of Staff to the President: Vincent Le Roux
  • Head of Communication: Vincent de Bernardi
  • Head of Public Affairs: Elizabeth Vital-Durand
  • Head of the Europe Division: Marie-France Van der Valk
  • Head of the Economy Division: Christine Lepage
  • Head of the Members Department: Olivier Marcaillou
  • Head of the Digital Transition and Innovation Division: Alexis Kasbarian
  • Head of the Social Division: France Henry-Labordère
  • Head of the Ecological Transition Division: Jean-Baptiste Léger
  • Head of Legal, Ethics and Corporate Governance: Jean-Benoît Devauges
  • Secretary General and Human Resources: Laurent Bourgoin

Medef International

  • President: Frédéric Sanchez
  • Managing Director: Philippe Gautier
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