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Organisation and operation of the MEDEF


The President

The President represents the Medef and exercises all its rights. Within the framework of the guidelines of the General Assembly and the deliberations of the Executive Board, he has the authority to take all decisions aimed at carrying out the missions of the Medef.

The Executive Council And The Bureau Of The Council

The Medef Executive Council sets the general policy of the Medef in the various areas of its competence and takes the corresponding decisions, in particular on the internal rules, the bodies, the budget and the life of the association. It sets the negotiating mandates.

The Executive Council, chaired by the President, consists of 50 members elected by the General Assembly and meets once a month. It has 20 members representing professional federations, 20 members representing territorial organizations, and 10 qualified personalities appointed by the president. At least three-quarters of its members are active entrepreneurs.
The Bureau assists the President, in particular in the preparation of the deliberations to be submitted to the Executive Council.

The General Assembly

Composed of 591 members, including 561 voters, the General Assembly meets at least once a year. It elects the members of the Executive Council and the members of the Statutory Committee. The General Assembly decides on the general report and the financial report adopted by the Executive Board, it ratifies the admissions and dismissals pronounced by the Executive Board.

Mandates and Compliance Committee

The mandates committee appoints representatives in national bodies and ensures in particular that, in bodies where the Medef has permanent representation, these representatives are the effective spokespersons for the policy defined by the general assembly and the executive council. Chaired by the President of the Medef, it comprises the Chairman of the Statutory Committee, the Chairman of the Finance Committee and members elected for 3 years by the Executive Council, on the proposal of the President.

The Statutory And Ethics Committee

The Statutory and Ethics Committee ensures that the Medef statutes are applied in letter and spirit. It keeps the list of member organisations up to date, is the depositary of their respective statutes and is compulsorily informed of their amendments. It gives its opinion on applications for admission and proposals for deregistration. It also issues an opinion on draft amendments to the statutes, rules of procedure and general operating rules of the Medef network.

The Finance And Audit Committee

The Finance Committee prepares decisions on the budget and membership fees. It proposes measures to ensure fairness and transparency in financial matters. At the request of the Vice-President Treasurer, it also gives its opinion on the individual situations of members in terms of subscriptions.

The Commissions

The commissions prepare the Medef's policies and propose positions on all the subjects defined in their field of competence.

Committees And Working Groups

Whether or not they are attached to commissions, they prepare the Medef's policies and propose positions on specific defined subjects.

The Permanent Assembly

Chaired by Patrick Martin, the Permanent Assembly meets monthly the day after the regular meeting of the Executive Council. It is a forum for reciprocal information and consultation between the Medef and its members.

National Conference

On the proposal of the President, the Executive Council may convene meetings of the the executive council can bring together national meetings, with a consultative purpose.

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