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Who are we MEDEF internationally

Our missions in Europe and worldwide


The ambitions of the Medef internationally: globalisation - seizing opportunities - growing our business - creating jobs

Intelligence, information and analysis


  • Monitoring the regulatory developments and policies at the European and international levels that affect businesses in all areas of their activities (environment, labour, tax, competition, trade, consumption, etc.).
  • Inform and alert the Medef member federations and territories in real time and their member companies of the network about:
    • The changes to regulations under way/in the future;
    • The support and assistance systems for businesses;
    • The business opportunities related to the opening-up of markets following the negotiation of international trade agreements (the work of the World Trade Organisation, free trade agreements, etc.);
    • The news of the European Union and the countries in which firms are investing, trading or seeking new markets;
    • The opportunities in the emerging and developing countries.
  • Making our network available to:
    • Seek information that is critical for the development of our businesses at the national, European and international levels;
    • Gather the issues, priorities and difficulties of businesses and address them as thoroughly as possible.

Through actions:

> Meetings with public and private decision-makers around the world. 26 heads of state and government received by the Medef in 2016
> Bilateral meetings of the Regional Presidents with their European counterparts
> A turnkey programme of meetings in Brussels (and Strasbourg)
> Exchanges of experience with French firms located in international markets (MEDEF International)

Lobbying and influence


  • Defend and promote the interests of businesses as part of the creation and amendment of European and international regulations.
  • Initiate and propose reforms to:
    • Adapt the existing export funding arrangements to the needs of businesses;
    • Create new market opportunities for French companies (international calls for tenders of the European Union, development banks, the World Bank, international institutions, etc.);
    • Simplify export procedures (customs, export controls, etc.);
    • Influence the standards and rules of international trade;
  • Value and give backing to the requests/proposals of our members by:
    • Allowing them to benefit from the leverage of the MEDEF and the support of our public and private networks (international institutions, World Bank, European institutions, foreign employers, BusinessEurope, BIAC, OIE…/bodies such as the International Chamber of Commerce) in all areas (economic diplomacy, influence on standards and regulations, the fight against unfair competition in Europe and outside Europe, financing, etc.);
    • Creating private networks with strong leadership and overseeing public and private networks allowing businesses to highlight: their expertise, their projects, the problems encountered in carrying out their work.
  • Offer the services of an office in Brussels, in the Maison des Entreprises de France in the heart of the European quarter, to help them with all their lobbying and their contacts with MEDEF counterparts.
  • Represent businesses within all official national, European and international bodies whose work may affect or contribute to businesses’ activities (OECD, ILO, United Nations network, etc.).


> Anti-corruption work
> Meetings on international trade negotiations in the presence of European and foreign negotiators
> Monitoring and proposals to the French public authorities and foreigners on the business environment in those countries in which French companies operate (MEDEF International)

Maison des Entreprises de France - MEDEF
5, rue de Trèves B – 1040 Brussels Belgium

Phone: [email protected]




  • Raise-awareness and inform businesses about the geopolitical context and global economic trends.
  • Raise-awareness and inform businesses about commercial opportunities in Europe and internationally and the opening-up of new markets.
  • Familiarise business leaders and their teams with the business environment and culture in some countries.
  • Share good practice and feedback from the ground of companies present internationally.


> Meetings with the Ambassadors of France, foreign ambassadors holding office in Paris and the decision-makers of the development banks
> Proposals of strategies to implement within firms to combat corruption and to turn our obligations in the ethical field into real competitive advantages (e.g. in the criteria for the award of public contracts)
> “Task Forces” bringing together all the actors of a sector to form French export offers (sustainable city, agri-food, health, digital, renewable energy,etc.) – MEDEF International
> Various seminars on International Trade and European commercial policy
> Morning globalisation sessions with external trade advisors

Internationalisation support and training


  • Help with winning European and international contracts, for example:
    • Delegations to those countries which are of commercial interest for businesses.


> 11 delegations chaired by Pierre Gattaz in 2016: The United States, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco (twice), Germany (twice), Côte d'Ivoire, Israel/Palestinian Territories/Jordan, the United Kingdom, China
> 25 delegations of business leaders per year to understand the markets’ needs, refine your strategy, promote your expertise and your know-how with key opinion leaders and clients (MEDEF International)
> “Together in China” delegation of business leaders in China (next edition in the autumn of 2017)

  • Putting French companies into contact with the communities of foreign affairs and develop networking with public and private decision-makers


> Programmes of meetings throughout the year with public and private decision-makers, clients, opinion leaders, foreign partners (MEDEF International)
> Annual Franco-Chinese economic events (France China Committee)
> Business delegations at major international events (e.g. Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas)

  • Proposing made-to-measure recommendations to support the internationalisation of businesses, for example:
    • Support for business leaders in their strategic reflection as a lever for the development of exports and the internationalisation of their business;
    • Individual component of the Stratexio programme to strengthen the skills and key resources of the company in order to carry out the internationalisation of businesses in a structured and long-term way by means of an initial strategic review and an international acceleration contract.
  • Offer a range of collective services for internationalised French companies to expand or strengthen their presence worldwide:
    • By meeting with the main public policy makers (heads of state, heads of government, ministers) and private (foreign companies, clients), French businesses have access to first-hand information and can exchange their experience in order to ensure they can carry out successful new projects internationally.


> Stratexio: Internationalisation acceleration programme for business leaders of already exporting firms. The Stratexio cycle includes collective modules (5 days of annual training provided by experts and enriched by exchanges between peers) and individual made-to-measure modules (strategic audits, coaching)
> Programme offered within the framework of the country-wide Stratexio Clubs

Promotion of industries and companies & attractiveness of the country


  • Emphasising French know-how and excellence in order to position businesses within international competition.
  • Promoting the attractiveness of the country to foreign investors and partners.
  • Regularly accompanying delegations of heads of foreign companies to different parts of France to present French excellence to them partnership opportunities with French firms.
  • Coordinating and sharing information with the public and local networks, supporting and promoting businesses (APM, CNCCEF, chambers of commerce and industry in France and abroad, Business France, BPI France, etc.).


> Organisation of delegations abroad to promote the expertise and know-how of Task Force actors (“Sustainable city”, “Agri-food”, “Digital” and “Health”) with key opinion leaders and clients.
> The Innovation Prize of the Franco-Chinese Teams of the France China Committee (objective: highlight and reward innovative projects of excellence developed jointly by bicultural Franco-Chinese teams)
> “Collaborative exports” sector meetings with the OSCI


The MEDEF network abroad


The MEDEF is the leading network of businesses in France: 750,000 businesses, 20,000 representatives, 95 from VSE-SMEs.

  • A business approach: 80 professional federations (more than 600 professional associations).
  • A local approach: a dedicated team and a site in Brussels, 122 territorial structures (local, departmental, regional, overseas).



MEDEF International makes available a private network and public network to French and foreign businesses, to assist in ensuring the progress of their international development projects.

With 80 geographical or sector business leader advisors, MEDEF International carries out more than 180 activities per year, in France and worldwide for French businesses.



Initiated and supported by the MEDEF, Stratexio is an initiative dedicated to the leaders of innovative, already exporting businesses.

Its objective is to identify and overcome the factors limiting their internationalisation, in order to help them go further and more quickly in their global development.



The France China Committee is one of the main actors of Franco-Chinese economic diplomacy. It has worked for almost 40 years for the development of economic relations between France and China, for its members and through its collective activities in favour of French exports.

The France China Committee thus promotes French exports and the results of Franco-Chinese cooperation to the Chinese authorities at the national and local levels and with Chinese public sector and private sector companies.


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