Sustainable development

Business proposals in view of a 2015 international climate change agreement at COP 21 in Paris


    By May 20th 2015, Chairmen / Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of 59 international companies and 7 organizations already support the “Business proposals for COP 21”.

    In order to ensure worldwide awareness of the Business community before COP 21, they call on their counterparts to join them in the coming weeks before the September Climate Week in New York.
    Business is ready to contribute to the success of such an agreement, to efficiently achieve the low-carbon transition and to bring solutions to the market. In this view, the business stakeholders believe the following evolutions will be key and need to be considered as a whole :
    1. Launching a constructive and lasting Business Dialogue convened by the COP Presidency, between the business community and governments;
    2. The need of carbon pricing;
    3. Boosting investments in low-carbon business solutions and technologies;
    4. Intensifying R&D, innovation and deployment of mature and breakthrough technologies;
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    Business proposals for COP21 supports - may 2015